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The work was slow in the next day. My new friend and I play through the head mistress. We exchanged details of MSN in the night before and had stayed with that instead of on the site. I watched the minutes tick slowly and turned into hours, I could not wait any longer to talk to her. onlygirlvideos Finally, after a quick and painful social drinking, I came home, connected, and there she was. Immediately, I introduced myself and started talking again. Turned out he had onlygirlvideos more in common than I had dared hope, and the conversation was invigorating after nearly a week in the onlygirlvideos company of boring technical teams. Music, culture and life was covered, and just before the turn, I mentioned that I needed to go to the bathroom. " Why? " She asked ? " Well, I onlygirlvideos have to peeLady... "I replied, hesitantly. 'Go and get yourself a glass of it," was his answer, and I knew at that moment I had. I have a glass of beer from the kitchen, and put it on the nightstand. "You know what to do, bitch. " I was shaking. I would also have a couple of beers. I knew I was going t
Quotes o pee a lot, and I knew where it went, but I could see my new mistress, and she saw me, and I knew that this was the first in a series of challenges and the failure was not an option. I took off my clothes and knelt on the bed where she saw me, took my flaccid penis hanging between his legs, his smile, when I put the glass under it and began to urinate. The smile became a grin as the glass is full, and just when I thought he was destined to overflow, so did the flow. only one liter of hot water, steam piss now sat before me. " You know what to do, bitch," he said. with a grin, which in turn loved his smile the smile that I won, I lifted the glass to his lips and began to drain. The hot liquid with salt confirms my presentation as it slid into the throat in an endless stream. When he had finished the beer, I could see my wife laughing fight on cam, while I have my own urine. "You're a fucking good," said the lady. " Thank you ma'am," I replied, glowing with pride that the first task had been completed, and when I got to sleep with the taste of urine in his mouth, I knew I had found someone special.


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[Note : This is a work in progress, like my relationship with my wife will develop. This is only the beginning of ] Part One: At a distance n Sometimes the best things come when you least expect it. Sometimes the danger does not come with a warning. Sometimes you need to really be careful what you wish. lady I met online in a cold, wet night in quite some time working in Lille, which can only be described as a nightmare of a project. One night, well drained, which registers on a site popular adult contact and the list of pages after the inclusion of trivial excuse heinous attempts and sexuality. A list appears so that the type of person who wants to take this opportunity, I left an e- mail. Luckily, I was online at that moment, and his unexpected answer came quickly. The rest of the night was spent in a game of email ping -pong, and when I went to bed seemed, onlygirlvideos so I knew well. He lived a matter of miles Friom and I was looking for something that could - a punishment onlygirlvideos considerate, respectful, submissive, not to provoke, but worked to please his lover. The tension was palpable.